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Maihue Nguyen : 三環頭麥克風zènFone 可使用嗎
豪Hao : Gopro是不是二環的... 三環不能用
哈呵後 : 3.5mm?
哈呵後 : Jake,是什麼意思?
Rumi Gereltej H. : 我的是type c轉接頭接頭加上3.5mm轉接頭+2環的麥克風這樣還是不能用??
Ethan Chou : 我的耳機只有2個Jack頭 但是還是有Mic
Eddie Tsoi : Rode 的VideoMicro 是不是用這方法可以連iPhone
chu chin yeh : 太棒了,讓我這個LKK長知識了,終於會使用了!感恩~
BANDO belt pimp冨田 広三 : 知識大概知道、
百渡 : 3.5mm三環二環最長的是多少,我最近買了一個小麥克風因為線太短,連接到手機時麥克風會直接浮在空中,想說能不能買長一點(熱靴座不合)

Which Microphone Cable to use? TS vs TRS vs TRRS 3.5 mm Audio Jacks

Check out this video to understand the basic differences between TS, TRS and TRRS jacks so that you can decide which cable you should get for your microphone.

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5. GoPro Micro SD Card: Lexar 64 GB
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Bullet Hero : So a TRRS cable can work on both phone and pc ?
Victor Angelo Gonzales : Hello! I just want to ask if a trrs cable cable can work on a trs mic port. Thanks for answering! ?
Swapnil Choudhary : Quick and simple ... BRAVO!
The Satan : Quick and simple, perfect
Ge Lo francisco : If the microphone cable have rust? it is dangerous to use? Or its ok to still use it?
Baron : Hi, I have a dynamic microphone which is in XLR. I want to connect it to my Zoom H1N recorder which has a 3.5mm input. Do I need TS(mono) or TRS(stereo) on the otherside of the xlr cable. Thank you
AxizNoodleMan : even though i struggled with the accent but thanks! so that is why my mic wasn't working
Sarvesh Kulkarni : Thank you so much. This served me.
Grzesiek : Thanks!
Yash Yadav : How do I connect my dynamic mic which has ts jack in my laptop

How to repair Earphones/ Headphones and replace 3.5 mm stereo Connector. Buy best 3.5mm stereo jack.

How to repair Earphones/ Headphones and replace stereo 3.5 mm connector. Where to buy best 3.5mm stereo Connector

High quality 3.5mm connectors:
Stereo connector: http://ali.pub/3368pc
Stereo connector: http://ali.pub/1z5878
Stereo connector with Mic: http://ali.pub/1z588l
Angled stereo connector with Mic: http://ali.pub/446pat

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Gary Andrews : Ensure that your cabling connectors, earth, red and green wiring to the new 3.5 mm plug are insulated to near the soldering join, if you do not then your audio performance will not function correctly as your wires will be touching inside the gold casing causing intermittent shorts. Remember too tin your wires and avoid cold welds.
We are Engineers :

ek bar ye video dekho isse to bhut aasan hai
AnaDMTL : This guy about to lose a finger by the way he holds that hot soldering iron
PubgSubg Khubg : Bro I have Cosmic Byte G3300 headphone . The Jack Got Ripped Off And when I cuted the Braded Cable It has only Two wires One is green And the other Is copper and there's no Red wire. Please help
FRED MENDOZA : you never explained which wire goes where
New Game : It sucks to be deaf I can never tell if my headphones are working
Risk Romer : people come here expecting to learn which cable goes in which contact, you $*%&* Scharwzenegger
rizal izal : Pic 2 bad
Biodigitizer : so the two ground wires connected together to the ground?
Zer07jk : Hello, i hope you still reply to FAQ. This 3.5mm Sennheiser male plug, does it fit into smartphone, laptop or tablet female internal connectors? I know that the standard HiFi 3.5mm jack plug DO NOT fit correctly. Please let me know. Thank you




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